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bethlehem lutheran church background

2018 Sermons

Date Church Day Title Pastor Bible Text Listen + Read
30th Dec Christmas 1 SInging with Anna Pastor Joshua Pfeiffer
Luke 2:33-40
25th Dec Christmas Day Born of God Pastor Fraser Pearce
John 1:1-14
23rd Dec Advent 4 Promise of a saviour from Bethlehem Joseph Theodorsen (ALC pastoral student)
Micah 5:2-5
16th Dec Advent 3 Blessed are those who take no offence at Christ Pastor Joshua Pfeiffer
Matthew 11:2-10
9th Dec Advent 2 The coming of the Son of Man Pastor Fraser Pearce
Luke 21:25-36
2nd Dec Advent 1 Look: your king comes to you Pastor Joshua Pfeiffer
Matthew 21:5
25th Nov Day of Fulfillment - Christ the King Our identity in Jesus Pastor Fraser Pearce
John 18:33-37
18th Nov Pentecost 26 A Psalm for all seasons Pastor Joshua Pfeiffer
Psalm 16
11th Nov Pentecost 25 Jesus: the true treasure Pastor Tom Pietsch
Mark 12:28-44
28th Oct Reformation Sunday Freedom Pastor Joshua Pfeiffer
John 8:31.38

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