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bethlehem lutheran church background

2022 Sermons

Date Church Day Title Pastor Bible Text Listen + Read
6th Mar First Sunday in Lent The temptation of Jesus Pastor Fraser Pearce
Luke 4:1-11
2nd Mar Ash Wednesday Ash Wednesday Pastor Fraser Pearce
Matthew 6L1-6, 16-21
27th Feb Transfiguration Sunday Power to let go of ourselves Pastor Fraser Pearce
Luke 9:28-36
20th Feb Seventh Sunday after Epiphany Love your enemies Pastor Fraser Pearce
Luke 6:27-38
13th Feb Harvest Thanksgiving Festival Harvest Thanksgiving Pastor Fraser Pearce
Philippians 4:4-9
6th Feb Sunday Night in the City An overview of the Bible: Part 1 Pastor Tom Pietsch
Exodus 31:18
6th Feb Fifth Sunday after Epiphany Unity through confession of sin Pastor Fraser Pearce
Luke 5:1-11
30th Jan Fourth Sunday after Epiphany Who is Jesus for us? Dr Stephen Hultgren
Luke 4:21-30
23rd Jan Third Sunday after Epiphany Release from captivity Pastor Matthew Anker
Luke 4:14-21
16th Jan Second Sunday after Epiphany Jesus turns water into wine Pastor Fraser Pearce
John 2:1-11

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