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bethlehem lutheran church background

About Us

At Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Adelaide, we believe in a loving God who has come to us in his son Jesus Christ and who makes himself known to us in the Bible.

Our faith in God is at the centre of all we do, both as individuals and as a community. Because of this we share our lives and support and encourage each other in both our joys and sorrows.

Our church community includes members from many different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Some of our members live in the city itself, while others come from all around the Adelaide metropolitan area.

Our congregation has a long history. It was formed in October 1860 by about 25 families, and the first place of worship was a small church in Waymouth Street. The present Flinders Street building was erected in 1871-72.

Today members of our community continue to share a faith which is as relevant today as when our congregation was founded in 1860.