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As of Sunday June 28, we resumed public worship at Bethlehem. Please see the full announcement here:

For information on regular and special worship service times please see Worship Services at Bethlehem

Worship is at the centre of the Christian life. God gathers us together to renew us through his Word and sacraments. Through these means of grace he comes to us with his love and forgiveness. He then sends us out into the world to witness to him through our words and deeds.

The focus in Lutheran worship is not on our actions and feelings, but on how God comes to us and what he does for us.

Sunday worship is all about God serving us.

  • God forgives the sins of those gathered in confession.
  • God speaks through the reading of the Scriptures and the Christ-centred sermon based on his Word.
  • God listens as we pray for the Church, the world and each other. 
  • God feeds his gathered people through a holy meal of bread and wine, the body and blood of Jesus Christ.
  • God leaves his presence with his people, blessing them and sending them into their daily lives as his disciples and witnesses.

The framework of worship Lutherans use is shared by Christian churches through the ages. This form of liturgical worship relies heavily on the Word of God.

Sunday worship prepares us to worship God in the world with the gift of our lives.

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