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bethlehem lutheran church background


Baptism is much more than a sign or ritual. It is a gift of God in which we receive the forgiveness of sins and are made God's children.  It is God’s work, not the result of a human decision or commitment.

Baptism is also in obedience to Jesus Christ’s command in Matthew 28 to baptise all people and teach them the Word of God and the Christian life.

This once-only gift from God is celebrated and renewed daily as we live in repentance and faith, confessing our sins to God, and asking for and receiving his forgiveness and power in our lives. Our whole lives are ‘soaked in the renewing and refreshing waters of baptism’.

Baptism is performed with water in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

When infants and small children are baptised Christian parents and/or sponsors make the baptismal vows on behalf of the child, and take responsibility for the Christian upbringing of the child. We encourage parents to commit themselves to the ongoing process of nurture, teaching and spiritual formation of their baptised children

In the case of adults any unbaptised person confessing faith in Jesus Christ may be baptised after a period of instruction.