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Christmas Stories

Christmas stories and anecdotes are popular in many countries and cultures. Most of these are very touching, and focus on the importance of giving and of compassion towards those less fortunate.

While Christian values are reflected in the stories, along with the need to look further than superficial trappings of food and festivities, there is rarely any reference to the core message of Christmas.

Charles Dickens: A Christmas Carol

This is undoubtedly one of the most famous Christmas stories ever written. As Scrooge is led through various stages of his life he realizes he has done more bad than good. He ultimately finds redemption and spreads Christmas cheer to one and all.

Read A Christmas Carol

Paulo Coehlo 

Every year Paulo Coelho writes a Christmas story to distribute world-wide and free of charge. His stories, often based on folktales, always contain simple but worthwhile sentiments and lessons, even though the context may not be Christian.

These are some of his stories.

Some classic short stories