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bethlehem lutheran church background

Musical Instruments

At Bethlehem, we use a wide variety of musical instruments to praise God from our pipe organ to the piano, drums, guitars, trumpets and flutes at our 11am worship service. 

The music for 11am worship is led by our band members at Bethlehem, with a piano or keyboard accompanying lead singers at each service and sometimes drums and other instruments as well.

Our repertoire includes contemporary Christian music, with a focus on new Christian music not regularly played in church. We have nine members who are rostered throughout the year, so that everyone has the opportunity to play about once a month.

New band members of any skill level are always welcome. Any instrument, eg flute or violin, is appreciated, even if it is not a traditional rock band instrument.

We practice in a learning atmosphere and focus on promoting and enjoying Christian music as well as developing our skills as musicians. Practice is on Saturday.