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bethlehem lutheran church background

What is Liturgy?

The liturgy is the overall framework or pattern of our worship. It consists of words and actions spoken and done by God for us – parts usually taken by the pastor – and words and actions by the congregation in response. The liturgy is the means through which God acts and works in our lives.

To help us do and say things together in an orderly way in worship, and for God to speak to us and act for us, the church has written orders of service. These consist of prayers, Bible readings, songs, hymns, chants and special rituals. All these different parts of worship follow a set pattern, with the same kind of content each time, but with different hymns, Bible readings and prayers.

The liturgy provides a consistent biblical focus to our worship and enables us to not be distracted as we worship.

The liturgy enacts or ‘performs’ God’s love in our lives. While there is room for variations and different musical settings, the pattern remains the same.