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Bethlehem Lutheran Church Bethlehem Lutheran Church
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Meet Our Staff

Bethlehem Lutheran Church is blessed to have two full time Pastors, a part time Youth & Young Adults Coordinator and an office which is staffed Monday to Friday. Please contact any of our staff (via the church office) for more information.

Pastor Fraser Pearce

Senior Pastor

I have served as senior pastor at Bethlehem since April 2010. Before that I served as pastor at Bethlehem, Bendigo, Victoria, (2005-2010), and as associate pastor at St Paul's, Box Hill, Victoria (1998-2005). It is a blessings to serve in a team ministry with Pastor Joshua and the other staff at Bethlehem. As well as my duties at the congregation, I also have responsibilities to the wider church, including membership on the Lutheran / Roman Catholic Dialogue, and the Commission on Theology and Inter Church Relations.

I am married to Margaret, and have four children: Oscar, Francesca, Emmanuelle, and Daniel. I enjoy music, good conversation, and low-stress exercise.

Pastor Joshua Pfeiffer

Associate Pastor

I began ministry at Bethlehem in 2015 and my time here has been a great joy and encouragement to me and my family. Before this current call I served as a pastor in Brisbane for five years. Here at Bethlehem I work closely with Pastor Fraser Pearce in most areas of our congregation’s ministry. One responsibility I’ve taken on has been the formation of our men’s group ‘Petra’. I’m married to Kimberley and we have three little kids: Evangeline, Samuel and Anastasia. I enjoy all things outdoors and these days especially like getting off-road on mountain bike trails around Adelaide.

Lisa Thiele

Youth & Young Adults Coordinator

I have been in ministry at Bethlehem since 2011. I am thankful for the outward focus of the members of the young adults and youth groups. It is encouraging to see people bringing their friends to meetings where they receive a warm welcome. The groups exist to share the gospel, to encourage people in their faith and build unity. I look forward to seeing God working in our groups to unite us and strengthen us in our faith.

Amy Pfeiffer

Office Administrator

I have been serving here as an Office Administrator since 2016. You will find me in the church office answering phones and emails Monday to Wednesday. There are various other tasks I undertake, but the conversations I have with people around here are much more interesting.
When I’m not working here, I work as a Pastoral Care Worker (PCW) at a public school in the Adelaide region. I also lead at a youth group and like to be part of various camping ministries. When I get spare time, you’ll usually find me away from the city getting some space and fresh air, often exploring the hills or even further afield.

Elizabeth Buck

Office Administrator

I’m married to Matthew, have three adult children and have been working here since 2015. I’m in the office on Thursday and Friday and my work is focused on preparing materials for Sunday services including the church bulletin. I enjoy serving the congregation, supporting the Pastors with administrative tasks and welcoming members and visitors to Bethlehem House. Previously I’ve worked in the public service in Medicare Administration as well as a period in aged care. In my spare time I enjoy gardening, sports and politics.

Church Council

Bethlehem Lutheran Church

Bethlehem Lutheran Church is governed by the Church Council, which is currently made up of nine members plus the two pastors. The Council represents a good cross section of the Bethlehem community and meet together monthly to discuss all matters relating to the Church.