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Conveniently located in Adelaide's city centre, Bethlehem Lutheran Church attracts visitors from many other places – country areas, interstate and international tourists and students. We welcome you to join us when you are visiting Adelaide. 


Welcome to Bethlehem Church!

If you are visiting Bethlehem for the first time, we encourage you to make yourself known to one of the pastors. If you are looking for a church home or seeking answers about the Christian faith, we invite you to speak to one of the pastors or any other member. Someone wearing a name tag is likely to be a Bethlehem Church member.

Some of our Frequently Asked Questions are already answered on our FAQ page

If you want to, please write your name and other details in the visitors’ book just inside the main door as a record of your presence with us. (Note that any details you provide are not handed on to any third party) 

If you would like one of our pastors to follow up your visit with a phone call, please indicate this when you enter your details in the visitors’ book or fill out one of the 'Welcome' cards found on each pew.

A bit about worship 

Our weekly bulletin which is handed out as you enter will provide useful information on the day's worship and the week's activities.

If you attend a service at 9am or 7pm, you will be given a hymn book and an order of service booklet. The wooden hymn boards on each side of the church display the hymn numbers and a page number for the service order being used that day. Data projection is used at the 11am service which displays all of the songs, readings and responses used throughout the worship service.

Holy Communion is an important part of at least one of the worship services each Sunday. You are welcome to come to this sacrament as a baptised believer who trusts that Jesus died for the forgiveness of your sins.

Communicants may choose to drink either from the common cup or the small glasses of wine.

If you do not wish to receive Holy Communion, you may remain in your pew or come to the altar to receive a blessing, crossing your arms to signify your intention.

Other information 

Visitors are very welcome to join us for morning tea in Bethlehem House across the road in Sudholz Place between the 9am and 11 am services.

Parking places in the street can be very limited. The nearby parking station in Sudholz Place (U Park) charges a reduced fee on Sunday morning.

Let us know if you would like any further information about our church.