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Sanctuary Guild

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There are many different aspects and activities in the life and service of our Sanctuary Guild.

Sanctuary Matters
Some of the Guild’s contributions are on display each Sunday in the creative floral arrangements we see on the altar as well just beyond the narthex. The special display on Harvest Thanksgiving Sunday each February is also the imaginative work of the Guild.
Care of the paraments, altar and baptismal linens and candlesticks are also form part of the Guild’s service, and one dedicated member ensures that the communion vessels are always in pristine condition.

Bible Studies
Besides these very practical acts of service , a primary object of the Guild is ‘to encourage a deeper consecration and greater service to Christ through the study of God’s Word.’
At each meeting one of our pastors leads us in a devotion based on a reading for the coming Sunday.  Every second meeting is devoted to an extended Bible study. In this way our hearts and minds are prepared for hearing God’s Word when we gather for Sunday worship.

Guest speakers
We welcome a range of guest speakers to five of our meetings each year.(See programme below).

Our meetings conclude with supper and a time of conversation and catch-up.
In July we enjoy a tasty casserole meal together with spouses and friends, and the year is rounded off with a time of worship and a festive Christmas dinner.

We always welcome new members, and also extend a general invitation to anyone interested in attending any of our meetings.
These take place on the second Tuesday of the month at 7.30pm in Bethlehem House.

2024 Program

February 13

Bible Study, Fresh Fruit Supper

March 12

Bible Study and Guest Speaker: Peter Mickan - Barossa Deutsch

April 9

Bible Study

May 14

Bible Study and Guest Speaker: Dr Paul Kleinig - Palliative Care Doctor at Flinders Medical Centre 

June 11

Bible Study

July 9

Casserole Evening with Bible Study

August 13

Bible Study: Anthea Habel – My Cross-Cultural Experiences

Sept 10

Bible Study 

October 8

Bible Study and Guest Speaker: Pauline Burger – Bethlehem Archives

November 12

AGM, Packing Honey Biscuits, Bible Study

December 10

Devotional Service, Advent/Christmas Dinner