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Advent & Christmas Resources

Christmas and the four Sundays preceding it – known as Advent – are an important time in the Christian life. It is during the time that we reflect on the expectant coming of our Saviour, culminating in the celebration of the birth of Jesus at Christmas.

Christians are encouraged to use this special time to reflect on Jesus’ birth and to use Christmas to joyfully celebrate God’s greatest gift to us.

At the links below are some resources you may like to refer to help with your Advent and Christmas devotional life.  

Advent ResourcesAdvent resources from around the world.

Christmas ResourcesA collection of Christmas resources from around the world.

Christmas StoriesChristmas stories and anecdotes are popular in many countries and cultures. Most of these are very touching, and focus on the importance of giving and of compassion towards those less fortunate.

Our in house library at Bethlehem Lutheran Church is also full of great books and resources which can be borrowed to provide a more in depth reflection on Advent and Christmas.  

Christmas worship at Bethlehem is also a special time and we welcome you to join us for this.