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bethlehem lutheran church background


The Bethlehem Archives Committee, led by the elected Archivist, aims to gather, preserve, catalogue and make available for research and display a wide range of items relating to Bethlehem Lutheran Church.

Items gathered include:

  • congregational and auxiliary minutes, reports and official records
  • publications such as weekly bulletin and News for the Pews
  • audiovisual resources including photographs, film, videos, tapes and CDs
  • realia, eg  art, certificates,  communion ware, official seals, paraments
  • other materials such as correspondence, publicity brochures, circulars, newspaper cuttings.

Materials collected relate to the origins, history and development of the Bethlehem congregation. Coverage includes:

  • people – pastors, members, committees
  • facilities - the church and other buildings

Donations are accepted on the basis of relevance to the history of Bethlehem congregation as well as other considerations. These include:

  • confirmation that the donor is the unencumbered owner
  • that the donor completes the donation form
  • that the items become the property of Bethlehem Archives
  • that the items do not unnecessarily duplicate material already held
  • that the items are physically suitable – not in disrepair or difficult to process and maintain.

While wishes of donors will be considered, donations are not normally accepted with conditions relating to access or retention.

The Archivist or Archives Committee reserve the right to dispose of items which are duplicates or not relevant. This may include offering them to other institutions such as Lutheran Archives or Australian Lutheran College.

Accessing the Archives

Access to the Bethlehem Archives is limited. Address requests for information to the Archivist or make an appointment via the Bethlehem Church office. The Archivist can advise on current conditions of access and any costs.

General enquiries about the Lutheran Church in Australia or Lutheran family histories will be forwarded to the Lutheran Archives.