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Bethlehem Lutheran Church Bethlehem Lutheran Church
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Lent, Holy Week & Easter worship 2019

Worship times over Lent, Holy Week and Easter Sunday 2019.

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Teichelmann's Window

Remember your leaders, imitate their faith (Heb.13,7).Do you recognise the man in this stained glass window? For many years Christian Gottlob Teichelmann’s photo has headed Bethlehem’s pastors’ portrait gallery on the Bethlehem House landing, though I imagine few of us could put a name to the face.

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Reading the Old Testament

There’s a Bible study group I’m involved in leading, and a year or two ago we were considering what to do next. One person suggested we simply start back at the start, that is, with Genesis chapter 1.

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Christmas worship 2018

donbrice 4647a

Worship times over Christmas in 2018.

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A new website for Bethlehem

New Bethlehem website

A small team of Bethlehem members has been working with our web developer, Plastyk from Unley SA, over the last 10 months to bring to fruition a new website for Bethlehem.

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St Paul's letter to the Ephesians


Here at Bethlehem we are currently in a sermon series on the book of Ephesians. This book has been described by one commentator as Paul’s ‘most beautiful letter’, and by another as ‘the epistle for today’.

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